Kuzma CAR-50 wstecz
Kuzma CAR-50 Moving Coil phono cartridge

„What the CAR-50 does is retain the structural integrity of that precious musical information better than any cartridge at or near the price. It preserves the timing cues, relative energy and spatial relationships that govern the original performance, giving the rest of the system a fighting chance of reproducing them -- and us a way better chance of appreciating them. It doesn’t exaggerate or enhance, shape or elevate; it’s not bright or shrill, and it doesn’t exhibit the characteristic rising top end that afflicts so many of the more "impressive" moving-coil cartridges.

But let’s also not forget that price has never been a guarantee of quality, in audio or anything else -- and less so with cartridges than almost any other product category. In flagship terms, the CAR-50’s asking price is surprisingly modest, yet like that other recent musical gem, the Lyra Etna, it has a balance of virtues that sits it comfortably alongside the most expensive cartridges out there -- and, in musical terms, ahead of most of them. If you value substance, musical and physical, over the more esoteric or academic aspects of musical performance, the Kuzma CAR-50 will be, quite literally, music to your ears -- and a bargain too.”



Kuzma CAR-50 Moving Coil phono cartridge.


Kuzma CAR cartridges are made to our specifications by a Japanese company with over 50 years experience in this field. The same approach, with regard to design and manufacture of cartridges housings is used as in other Kuzma products. A combination of brass and aluminium parts made by us gives rigid and inert support to the signal generator, allowing the diamond tip to extract musical information from the record grooves without distortion.


Kuzma CAR-50

  • Type: moving-coil cartridge

  • Coil wire: 4N Silver

  • Stylus Profile: Microridge

  • Cantilever: Sapphire






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  • Typ igły :  Micro Ridge
  • Separacja kanałów przy 1 kHz :  30dB
  • Napięcie wyjściowe :  0,3 mV
  • Zalecana siła nacisku :  2,0 g
  • Impedancja wejściowa :  poniżej 100 Ω
  • Masa :  17 g
  • Impedancja :  6 Ω
  • Pasmo przenoszenia :  10 Hz - 45 kHz

Price: £4,868.57


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