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Miyajima Kansui STEREO wstecz
Miyajima Kansui STEREO

Miyajima Kansui STEREO


There were two big problems in a conventional phono- cartridge. The conventional phono- cartridge installs a square iron core to a cantilever and winds up a coil to the iron core. And it installs a wire in the center of the iron core. And it is fixed through a rubber damper in York. Therefore the movement point is located in a rubber damper in the outside of the coil. There is the cross-shaped thing to the iron core, too. Those methods become the electricity generating system of the magnetic induction type that they used a core of the iron for so that movement point is separated from a coil. Therefore the piece of iron put in a magnetic field is strongly attracted to a magnet, and it is not thought that it is possible for free, correct movement. In addition, the movement point is vague because a wire is a bending part. The vague fulcrum cannot convey the movement of the tip to a coil precisely. The cross ring method broke off the big fault of the conventional phono- cartridge. The cross ring method synchronizes the center point of the coil of right and left and enables correct reproduction by assuming the center point a clear movement point. The Kansui, like the Shilabe, is rated at .23mV output and weights 10.4g, with a DCR of “about 16 Ohms”. The Kansui seemed to require more playing time to break in and is more sensitive to setting the VTA precisely for optimal performance. The usual routine of finding the best vertical tracking angle by raising and lowering the rear of the tonearm incrementally gives good results.


Kansui: I repeated an experiment to produce the cartridge which is better than Shilabe. I changed some parts and a manufacturing process. And, I completed cartridge "Kansui". Kansui did not exceed all of Shilabe, but I felt splendor of Kansui while I listened to many records.Balance, stillness, etc...
When you listen to a magnificent orchestra, I think that you understand it.


Impedance: About 16 ohms (About 0.23mV output)

Frequency range (-3dB): 20 Hz to 32 kHz

Tracking force: 2.3 g

Stylus Shape: Shibata (diamond needle)

Compliance (10Hz): around 9×10-6cm/dyne

Appropriate temperature: 20-30 Celsius (most suitable 25 C)
68-86 Fahrenheit (most suitable 77 F)

Weight: about 9.7g

Body: African Blackwood



Offers and product information:

  • Rodzaj wkładki :  Stereo
  • Impedancja Wewnętrzna :  16 ohm
  • Poziom Wyjściowy :  0,23 mV

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