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Miyajima Zero MONO wstecz
Miyajima Zero MONO

Miyajima ZERO MONO Cartridge MC


The Miyajima Mono cartridge series for exclusive use of the monaural LP designed with a new method

The monaural cartridge of the vertical axis concentration method is a patent of the Miya-jima laboratory.

By the method, the wide blurring of the coil decreased, and the needle was easy to work aside and did not move at all lengthwise.

Therefore the generation by a highly precise turn became ideal and was able to change the amplitude of the groove of the monaural LP into a sound precisely.
The vertical axis concentration method expresses space of the best monaural music.


Zero is the best product in a monaural cartridge world. With ‘Zero’ sound quality is improved by introduction of non-magnetic cartridge body. We welcome You to enjoy clearer sound quality. The output of Zero is 0.4mV.


78rpm Cartridge:  Zero 78rpm

Weight:               About 11.8g

Body: African Blackwood
Stylus pressure:              

MONO 2.0g - 4.5g (recommended 3.5g)
78rpm" 3.0g - 5.0g (recommended 4.0g)

Impedance: About 6Ω (About 0.4mV output)

Compliance: around 8×10-6cm/dyne

Appropriate temperature: 20-30 Celsius (most suitable 25 C)

68-86 Fahrenheit (most suitable 77 F)

Stylus Shape     

Zero MONO: 0.7 mil or 1.0 mil conical (pure diamond) 
Zero 78rpm: 3.0 mil conical (pure diamond)

About stylus size of Zero MONO
0.7mil is suitable for reissue monaural LP and a monaural LP of after 1960.
1.0mil is suitable for the monaural LP of a deep groove of the first press of the 1950s.
However, both styli can trace the monaural LP of all generations without a problem.
When you listen to the monaural LP of all generations, we recommend 0.7mil.
When you listen to a monaural LP of the first press of the 1950s mainly, we recommend 1.0mil.



Offers and product information:

  • Rodzaj wkładki :  Mono
  • Impedancja Wewnętrzna :  6 ohm
  • Nacisk :  2,0-4,5g (rekomendowany 3,5g)
  • Poziom Wyjściowy :  0,4 mV

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