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Miyajima Kotetu MONO wstecz
Miyajima Kotetu MONO Cardrige

Miyajima Kotetu MONO Cartridge MC


The Miyajima Mono cartridge series for exclusive use of the monaural LP designed with a new method

There were no accual mono cartridges introduced to the market in recent years. The Miyajima mono cartridge line was designed to play a monaural LP faithfully.And we made a cartridge for exclusive use of the monaural LP with a vertical axis concentration method. The cartridge of the vertical axis concentration method plays a monaural LP faithfully.

The cartridge of the monaural music times does not work lengthwise, and it is made with the structure that can trace the amplitude by the movement of the cross direction precisely.
I evolved a monaural cartridge of the time more, and a cartridge for exclusive use of new monaural recording was born.


Why is a monaural cartridge necessary in the present age?

There are a lot of monaural LPs with excellent music such as classical, jazz, rock.
When I look for the LP of the excellent performance, monaural recording seems to offer a bit extra more often then not. And I want to come to listen to a monaural LP by a good sound.

We created "Kotetu" to prezent a wu ality Mono cartridge At a lower price. However, with Kotetu sound quality is still the number One priority. The structure is the same as Spirit and Premium. The user can enjo a real sound quality from monaural LP.


MONO & 78RPM Kotetu Cartridges

Weight: About 8.8g

Rated needle pressure ( mono ): 3.0 - 4.5g
(recommended 3.5g)

"78rpm" 3.0 - 5.0g : (recommended 4.0g)

Impedance: About 4Ω (About 0.5mV output)

Compliance: around 8×10-6cm/dyne

Appropriate temperature: 20-30 Celsius (most suitable 25 C)
68-86 Fahrenheit (most suitable 77 F)

Stylus Shape: "MONO" 0.7 mil conical
"78rpm": 3 mil conical



Offers and product information:

  • Rodzaj wkładki :  Mono
  • Impedancja Wewnętrzna :  4 ohm
  • Nacisk :  3,0g-4,5g rekomendowany 3,5g
  • Poziom Wyjściowy :  0,5mV

Price: £408.30


Availability: Yes


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