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Kuzma CAR-20 wstecz
Kuzma CAR-20 Moving Coil phono cartridge

„This Kuzma cartridge, like so many of the company’s products, bucks the trend and does so to serious advantage. With so many modern transducers leaning towards ever-greater detail and transparency at the expense of musical substance, the CAR-20’s back to basics approach is both refreshing and musically satisfying. It fastens on what’s important – pitch and pace – and builds from there, presenting the musical performance with the firmest of possible foundations. There’s an almost sinuous fluidity and grace to the Kuzma’s presentation, which combines beautifully with its quiet background and lack of grain, its warmth and sweet upper-midrange to make your records inviting and positively engaging. Voices undoubtedly sing, but what makes them so impressively natural also works its magic on other types of music, bringing scale and substance to larger classical works, intimacy to small group jazz, and attitude to guitar-based rock. Its ability to dig beneath the surface detail and preserve the music’s inner structure make this a cartridge that will deliver long-term satisfaction to long-term listeners. That inner confidence and musical authority makes the Kuzma CAR-20 both one of a kind and an important addition to the market. It’s unique balance of virtues means that for many listeners (and in many systems) once heard, nothing else at the price is going to come close.”

Kuzma CAR-20 Moving Coil phono cartridge.


Kuzma CAR cartridges are made to our specifications by a Japanese company with over 50 years experience in this field. The same approach, with regard to design and manufacture of cartridges housings is used as in other Kuzma products. A combination of brass and aluminium parts made by us gives rigid and inert support to the signal generator, allowing the diamond tip to extract musical information from the record grooves without distortion.


Kuzma CAR-20

  • Type: Low-output moving-coil cartridge

  • Coil wire: STD Copper

  • Stylus Profile: Synthetic elliptical

  • Cantilever: Aluminium pipe






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  • Separacja kanałów przy 1 kHz :  23 dB
  • Napięcie wyjściowe :  0,3 mV
  • Typ igły :  Synthetic Elliptical
  • Pasmo przenoszenia :  10 Hz - 33 kHz
  • Impedancja :  4 Ω
  • Zalecana siła nacisku :  2,0 g
  • Impedancja wejściowa :  poniżej 100 Ω
  • Masa :  17 g

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