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Benz Micro ACE ( S L ) wstecz
Benz Micro ACE S Wkładka Gramofonowa MC L / Wkladka MC Niskonapięciowa

ACE ( S L ) Cartridge


The ACE SL moving-coil cartridge outputs 0.4mV and has a 0.28mm cantilever of solid boron and and a nude mirror-polished, line contact stylus. Based on the pure-iron cross-coil generator system of Benz Micro's upscale Glider, the hand built ACE series uses a cost-saving aluminum frame and acrylic body. Though is couldn't match the dynamics and bass extension of the more expensive cartridges, "The ACE SL's tracing and tracking were impressive by any standard," said MF. It produced solid images within a wise soundstage, offered an "astonishing" amount of inner detail, and had an overall sound that was "somewhat polite." MF: "The Benz-Micro ACE SL is easy to recommend."




  • Zasada działania :  MC
  • Napięcie wyjściowe :  0,4 mV
  • Masa :  8,8g
  • Pasmo przenoszenia :  20Hz - 20000Hz
  • Zalecana siła nacisku :  1.6 - 1.9g
  • Typ igły :  Micro Ridge
  • Zawieszenia :  1/2
  • Separacja kanałów przy 1 kHz :  35 dB
  • Wymienna igła :  serwis producenta
  • Obciązenia wejścia :  + 100 Ohm
  • Impedancja Wewnętrzna :  12 Ohm

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