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XL Records ? 2013 180g HQ + CD

XL Records © 2013 180g HQ + CD


It’s the third studio album by American rock band Vampire Weekend. Modern Vampires of the City is an attempt to distance the band from the sound they became heavily associated with following their 2008 debut and Contra. The band credits Vox Studios with defining spacial quality of the recordings, especially the use of their vintage analog tape machines, with Batmanglij remarking, "Much of the overall sound and approach to the album was being able to record the drums to tape on an old Ampex machine”. A  High Quality vinyl editions prest on black disc.


A High Quality edition on 180-gram black vinyl disc along with CD version of the entire album !



A1 Obvious Bicycle                        

A2 Unbelievers                               

A3 Step                               

A4 Diane King                   

A5 Don't Lie                      

A6 Hannah Hunt                             

B1 Everlasting Arms                      

B2 Finger Back                 

B3 Worship You                              

B4 Ya Hey                           

B5 Hudson                         

B6 Young Lion   

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