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Nuclear Blast ? 2014 ( 2LP ) HQ Black Vinyl

Nuclear Blast © 2014 ( 2LP ) HQ Black Vinyl


Just about everything that you’ve read before about THRESHOLD will have classified them as a Progressive Metal group. Countless international reviewers and even their own press biographies have bandied around the term with no genuine fear of contradiction.

Ten albums into a career that began in London’s leafy suburbs back in 1989, it’s time this situation was reassessed. Sure, Heavy Metal and Progressive Rock are the cornerstones of the group’s sound, but as proven by the consummate quality of their last several albums, THRESHOLD are a classic Hard Rock band, built upon high-quality musicianship, enormous quantities of musical light and shade and, above all, memorable, hummable songs.

West considers »For The Journey« “a more personal record than ever”. It’s key topics remain a colourful mix of science, politics, the environment, religion and everyday life, but the keysman says: “We’re older and mellow and less prone to ranting about injustices. Rather than pointing our fingers at the world we're asking questions of ourselves. On this album you’ll find songs about honesty, perseverance and forgiveness. That’s where the title comes from; it’s songs for the journey of life.”

Despite amassing a ten-album catalogue THRESHOLD have never sounded fresher, brighter or more essential. Whilst sales of popular music continue to diminish, »March Of Progress« was the band’s most popular record by a considerable margin. The statistics speak for themselves – Germany (#28), Switzerland (#30), Sweden (#43), Austria (#55), Netherlands (#70) and France (#102).



1 - Watchtower on the moon                   

2 - The box                        

3 - Unforgiven                 

4 - Turned to dust                          

5 - Lost in your memory              

6 - Autumn red                               

7- The mystery show                   

8 - Siren sky                      

9 - I wish I could                              

10 - Lost in your memory (Acoustic Version)


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