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Theo Travis & Robert Fripp Thread wstecz
Tonefloat ? 2009 ( 2LP ) 180g

Tonefloat vinyl 2LP 180g black vinyl



Thread was created in one improvised sitting, one day in 2007. Fripp, having already guested on one track on Travis' album, Double Talk, joined forces with the saxophonist and flautist best known for his work on the boundaries of Canterbury axis in bands like Gong and Soft Machine Legacy. Travis' mainly sticks to flute here, adding the requisite eastern scales to perforate Fripp's more amorphous washes of sound.



01. Land Beyond The Forest
02. The Apparent Chaos Of Blue
03. The Silence Beneath
04. Before Then
05. As Snow Falls
06. One Whirl
07. Curious Liquids
08. The Unspoken
09. Pastorale
10. The Endless Search
11. Pallendream Duo
12. No Regrets
13. Oblivionville (Open Earth)

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