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Theo Travis Slow Life wstecz
Tonefloat ? 2007 ( 2LP ) 180 g black & white vinyls

Tonefloat limited black & white 2LP 180 g edition


Theo performs nine pieces, each recorded live in the studio, using what he describes as his "system of ambitronics", a series of foot pedals enabling him to build up layered hypnotic loops of alto flute and spontaneously overdubbing other flute lines. Occupying a territory between the Minimalist excursions of Steve Reich and the loop innovations of Fripp and Eno, 'Slow Life' is probably the most ethereal Theo Travis album to date. Limited edition of 500 copies on 180 grams white and black vinyl in spotvarnished gatefold picture sleeve. Includes Bass Communion construction Behind These Silent Eyes (Parts I-IV) which is exclusive to the vinyl edition.



01. Salad Noir
02. Chasing The Slow Train
03. Love Is Not Enough
04. Sleep
05. Cloudfire
06. Strange Life, Waking Mind
07. Who Stopped You
08. Stereo
09. Mellotromatic
10. If Not Now
11. The Endless Drift
12. Behind These Silent Eyes (Parts I-IV)

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