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Kscope ? 2014 ( 2LP ) 180g HQ Vinyl Pressing

Kscope © 2014 ( 2LP ) 180g High Quality Vinyl Edition


Cover Version, the album, collects all the material issued on the limited edition Cover Version series of singles released between 2003-2010. The 12 tracks, all recorded solo, comprise 6 SW originals and 6 covers and provide an essential insight into both Wilson's musical taste and his evolution as a solo artist.

Pressed on double heavyweight (180g) vinyl, the gatefold artwork has been 'remixed' from the CV CD box design by Carl Glover.





Side 1:

1. Thank You

2. The Day Before You Came

3. A Forest

Side 2:

1. The Guitar Lesson

2. Sign 'O' The Times

3. Lord Of The Reedy River

Side 3:

1. Moment I Lost

2. Please Come Home

3. Four Trees Down

Side 4:

1. The Unquiet Grave

2. Well You're Wrong

3. An End To End 

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