Smashing Pumpkins Pisces Iscariot wstecz
EMI ? 2012 ( 2LP ) 180g limited edition

EMI 2LP 180-gram 2012 Limited Edition


Part of an extensive campaign honoring the legacy of the iconic alternative band, the Smashing Pumpkins' 1994 album Pisces Iscariot returns in a vinyl configuration remastered from the original master tapes specifically for the format. Double 180-gram pressing on black vinyl discs with heavyweight gatefold cover and famous artwork designed for vinyl edition.



A1 Soothe                         

A2 Frail And Bedazzled                

A3 Plume                           

A4 Whir                              

B1 Blew Away                  

B2 Pissant                          

B3 Hello Kitty Kat                            

B4 Obscured                     

C1 Landslide                     

C2 Starla                             

D1 Blue                               

D2 Girl Named Sandoz                 

D3 La Dolly Vita                

D4 Spaced

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