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Sigur Ros () Untitled wstecz
XL Records 2015 (2LP) 180g

XL Records? 2015 (LP) 180g + CD


( ) is the third album from Icelandic band Sigur Ros., It comprises eight untitled songs and 30 second period of silence divides the 71 minute album in two halves. The first one is lighter and more optimistic while the second half is bleaker and more melancholic. Here on double, audiophile grade, 180-gram vinyl edition.



1. Untitled (Vaka)

2. Untitled (Fyrsta)
3. Untitled (Samskeyti)

4. Untitled (Njósnavélin)

5. Untitled (Alafoss)
6. Untitled (E-bow)
7. Untitled (Dauðalagið)
8. Untitled (Popplagið)

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