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Sigur Ros Von wstecz
XL Records 2015 (2LP) 180 g + CD

XL Records 2015 2LP 180gram + CD


Although it wasn't released in the United States until 2004, Von is actually Sigur Ros' debut album (released in Iceland in 1997). The band made a grand appearance on the world stage in 1999 with Agaetis Byrjun and were quickly heralded for their evocative, majestic genre-scapes and their ability to conjure the mythic expanses of their native country with a blend of instrumental post-rock, ethereal vocals, wild experimentalism, and swirling shoegazer aesthetic.




1. Sigur Rós

2. Dögun

3. Hún jörð...

4. Leit að lífi

5. Myrkur

6. 18 sekúndur fyrir sólarupprás

7. Hafssól

8. Veröld ný óg óð

9. Von

10. Mistur

11. Syndir Guðs (opinberun Frelsarans)

12. Rukrym

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