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Snapper / Peaceville ? 2013 ( 2LP ) 180g heavyweight vinyl

Snapper / Peaceville © 2013 ( 2LP ) 180g heavyweight vinyl


One Second is the sixth album release by Paradise Lost. Following Draconian Times, the album reflected the group's first complete departure from death/doom in favour of a more gothic rock and synthpop direction. The album was a great success, as was the single, Say Just Words, as featured on One Second.

This edition of One Second is a double LP on heavyweight black vinyl, with gatefold sleeve.




A1 One Second               

A2 Say Just Words         

A3 Lydia

B1 Mercy           

B2 Soul Courageous      

B3 Another Day

C1 The Sufferer

C2 This Cold Life                             

C3 Blood Of Another    

D1 Disappear

D2 Sane

D3 Take Me Down

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