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Tonefloat 2008 ( 3LP ) 180 g Deluxe Ltd. Marble Vinyl

Tonefloat 2LP 180 g + 1 EP 7''  /  Marble Vinyl deluxe edition  - limited numbered copies


This is a deluxe 2 LP +1 EP edition by Tonefloat on 180g marble vinyl. The main studio album is pressed on two  heavyweight marble-white vinyls for better sound quality and durability. It comes with an additional 7” single pressed on white vinyl. There is a 16-page 12inch album booklet  with graphics and pictures, additional box housind, gatefold cover and beautifully finished vinyl envelopes. A great choice for experienced vinyl enthusiasts, tonefloat’s marble vinyls are not only a treat for an eye, they also have a benefit of a superior sound quality.



01. All Sweet Things

02. Beautiful Songs You Should Know

03. Pigeon Drummer

04. True North

05. Wherever There Is Light

06. Song Of The Surf

07. Streaming

08. Mixtaped

09. True North Part 1 (Orchestral)

10. True North Part 2 (Version)

11. Beautiful Songs (Version)

12. Pigeon Beater

13. Song Of The Surf (Duet Version)

14. True North (Video Edit)

15. Another Winter (Tim Bowness Demo)

16. The City Sounds (Tim Bowness Demo)

17. Ominous Dancefloor (Tim Bowness Demo)

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