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Universal / Back to Black © 2015 ( LP ) 180g

Universal / Back to Black © 2015 ( LP ) 180g


A quintessential "studio production" in pop music lore, Mike Oldfield conceived an eclectic mix of both standard and odd instruments, along with classical and rock elements, to achieve a steadily building, layered texture, totally unheard of at the time. After being shopped and rejected at other labels, Richard Branson chose it as the first release for his Virgin Records in 1972. Originally tagged with the working titleOpus 1, Oldfield, who had been playing and recording professionally since his teens, oversaw the entire production and played most of the parts himself, eventually layering over 30 different instruments and sounds. Listeners had fun trying to identify each and remember the order in which they appeared. The original LP eventually sold over 16 million copies and topped the UK charts for weeks. The eerie opening section was famously featured in the soundtrack to the motion picture The Exorcist, winning the Grammy in 1974 for Best Instrumental Composition.



A1. Tubular Bells Part 1

A2. Tubular Bells Part 2

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