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Warner ? 2014 LP 180gram HQ Vinyl

Warner © 2014 ( LP ) 180g HQ Vinyl


High Quality 180gram Vinyl Pressing


„There is a lot more to this album than just a fond reminiscence. 

The variations are noticeable from the very start, from the haunting and beautiful piano intro to the opening track Sentinel (also the longest on the album), to the difference in tone of the guitar melody in tracks like Blue Saloon and Sunjammer, and also the varied instruments used in some of the more famous sequences.

By the far the most famous of these is the Master of Ceremonies section of the original album’s Part One, in which pompous tones of Vivian Stanshall would announce each new instrument to partake in the main theme. This time around, the melody remains almost the same, save for a few minor differences, yet the instruments named has changed considerably, as has the “MC”, who is simply listed in the booklet as ‘A wandering player’, though anyone who has ever seen Die Hard, Love Actually, Galaxy Quest or *sigh* a Harry Potter film will instantly recognise the measured, distinct voice of Alan Rickman.

A sign of the times is also the instruments listed by Rickman in The Bell:

Yes, whilst the traditional instruments are still there, Mike Oldfield has taken electronic music to heart, though this album is still firmly a pleasant mix of progressive rock, ambient and world music, though it also marked a turning point in his sound, though that is another review itself.” Sputnik Music Review



1. Sentinel

2. Dark Star

3. Clear Light

4. Blue Saloon

5. Sunjammer

6. Red Dawn

7. The Bell

8. Weightless

9. The Great Plain

10. Sunset Door

11. Tattoo

12. Altered State

13. Maya Gold

14. Moonshine

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