Dream Theater Black Clouds & Silver Linings wstecz
Roadrunner / Suburbun ? 2009 (2LP) 180 g

Roadrunner / Suburbun © 2009 (2LP) 180 g


"Dream Theater's tenth long-player is about as dense and challenging as any album in their daunting discography by emphasizing not only the virtuoso members' ever stupefying musicianship, but also their most aggressive and thoroughly metallic songwriting tendencies. At the end of the day, one must admit that Black Clouds & Silver Linings, for all its abundantly positive qualities and minor but clear distinctions from prior efforts, is still an archetypal Dream Theater album; one that's unlikely to broaden their audience all that much, but is conversely guaranteed to thrill their hardcore converts with its renewed devotion to the most exigent and stimulating facets of the band's chosen musical domain." - All Music Guide.



1. A Nightmare To Remember

2. A Rite of Passage

3. The Shattered Fortress

4. Wither

5. The Best of Times

6. The Court of Tuscany

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