Dream Theater Falling Into Infinity wstecz
Music On Vinyl ? 2013 ( 2LP ) 180g HQ

Music On Vinyl © 2013 ( 2LP ) 180g HQ


Falling Into Infinity was released in 1997 and marked a shift to a more accessible mainstream direction for Dream Theater. While each song is ingenuously executed , song structures are trimmed down to great effect — these tunes stick in your head after just one spin. Guitarist John Petrucci is ripping it up with groovy riffs and mesmerizing solos while singer James LaBrie shows a vocal range that is second to none. "Burning My Soul" made it to a single, hitting the 33rd mark on the U.S.  Mainstream Rock charts.

-First ever vinyl release

-180-gram vinyl with insert included




A1          New Millennium

A2          You Not Me

A3          Peruvian Skies

B1           Hollow Years

B2           Burning My Soul

B3           Hell's Kitchen   

C1           Lines In The Sand

C2           Take Away My Pain

C3           Just Let Me Breathe

D1          Anna Lee

D2          Trial Of Tears

D2-I       It's Raining         

D2-II      Deep In Heaven             

D2-III     The Wasteland

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