Cream Wheels of Fire wstecz
Universal / Polydor ? 2008 ( 2LP ) 180 g

Universal /Polydor 2LP 180 g edition

Back To Black Edition


Like the band's previous two released, Cream's third album, Wheels Of Fire (1968), also topped the charts. Although it was criticized at the time for being a somewhat disjointed album, divided into one LP of new studio material and one LP of live material, it redeems itself because "White Room" has gone down in the annals as one of the great moments in Rock and Roll.


High quality double 180g pressing, original nalogue mastering.



1. White Room

2. Sitting On Top Of The World

3. Passing theTime

4. As You Said

5. Pressed Rat And Warthog

6. Politician

7. Those Were The Days

8. Born Under A Bad Sign

9. Deserted Cities Of The Heart

10. Crossroads

11. Spoonful

12. Traintime

13. Toad

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