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Tonefloat ? 2008 ( LP ) 180g black vinyl

Tonefloat LP 180g black vinyl


Recorded in London 2000 this diverse, daring and trully progressive record features performances from such signature artists as Mark Hollis ( Talk Talk ) , Steven Wilson ( Porcupine Tree ), Richard Barbieri ( Porcupine Tree, Japan ) and Theo Travis. A standing out record outlining new pathts in contemporary music.


- 180g high quality black vinyl pressing

- gatefold cover




A1  Her Room   

A2  The Gown

A3  Spin The Context    

A4  Stay Tuned                

A5  You Know   

B1  Big Mouth  

B2  The Diver

B3  That's All

B4  And Then    

B5  It Seems We Talk

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