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Tonefloat © 2015 LP 180g

Tonefloat © 2015 LP 180g


Balloon Mood was produced by Marius De Vries (Massive Attack, Björk, Madonna, Romeo & Juliet soundtrack), and with Anja’s involvement at every turn of every corner, he had to be the right man. “What I most liked about Marius was that he left the songs and the arrangements as they were, and helped me to realise them more vividly.”

For each song on Balloon Mood, the mercurial Anja reinvents herself as her world oscillates between performance, song and state of mind. Anja surprises and intrigues at every opportunity.  Her shimmering vocals give a siren like quality - pulling you in, posing questions you might not be able to answer, but compelling you to keep trying. Loping dance grooves are teamed with scratchy fairground organs, cool Latin rhythms give way to the plinking and whirring of dysfunctional toys. Nothing fits, yet nothing feels out of place. With Anja crammed into her small house, we should cram Anja into our small heads. We’d be mad not to.



Beyond My Control       


Just One Of Those Days              

Picking Up Pieces

The Cabinet

Something Written

Strange Noises                

The Telescope Man Says

She Collects (Stuff Like That)

Balloon Mood

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